Get the cloud-based file sharing powerhouse used by the biggest names in tech [Deals]

admin December 25, 2016
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Working with teammates on their own computers, it sure helps to be able to get whatever’s on your screen onto theirs. CloudApp makes that easy. It’s an all-inclusive platform for capturing, annotating and sharing everything from screenshots and GIFs to screen video recordings, all via super-quick links and integration with a hundreds of productivity services. […]

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Udemy – Wi-Fi Hacking with Kali [100% off]

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Wi-Fi Hacking with Kali Course description

In Wi-Fi hacking with kali you will learn hack and protect various Wi-Fi security system like WEP,WPA and WPA2.

In this course we will see History of Wi-Fi and it’s vulnerability,setting up environment for penetration testing
4 different ways to install and use kali linux (all 4 in detail), basic linux commands, special command related to hacking,
hacking WEP protected Wi-Fi and its counter measure, WPA and WPA 2 hacking with reaver  and it’s counter measure,
hacking with WPA with dictionary,  hacking router admin panel with hydra, hacking Wifi password with keylogger, removing device from you Wi-Fi
,changing MAC address, changing transmit power and many more, course is updated on daily basis with new videos.

It will take maximum 2 hours to watch, But to practice activity you need at least 5 days (if you spend daily 1 hour on it).


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Master your ZTE Axon 7 with these handy tips and tricks

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ZTE's beautiful Axon 7 is a smartphone to be reckoned with right out of the box, but a few tweaks here and there make it an even better phone. Here are useful tips and tricks to help you make the most of the device.

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Up, up, and away! Virgin Galactic has just completed its second test flight

admin December 25, 2016
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It wasn't so long ago that we were celebrating Virgin Galactic's return to the skies after a two-year hiatus. Just three months later, the company has completed its second glide flight. Virgin has performed two flights in as many weeks.

The post Up, up, and away! Virgin Galactic has just completed its second test flight appeared first on Digital Trends.

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The Ampware iPhone case charges your phone on the go using a built-in crank

admin December 25, 2016
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The Ampware is a case designed for use with an iPhone. It comes equipped with a fold-out crank on the back that generates power that is transferred to the battery of the iPhone, keeping it charged on the go.

The post The Ampware iPhone case charges your phone on the go using a built-in crank appeared first on Digital Trends.

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What to expect from Apple in 2017

admin December 24, 2016
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I don’t really think 2016 was a particularly great year for anybody. Why would any year that starts with the losses of Lemmy and David Bowie be anything other than awful? Apple felt it too, and it will take even more corporate courage for the company as it moves into another year of transition in 2017. Here are a few predictions for the year ahead:

At the mothership

Apple’s new spaceship-shaped campus is expected to open for business next year with around 12,000 employees moving to the new office. The campus hosts its own state-of-the-art auditorium, so it is reasonable to imagine the company will host some special events there, potentially including WWDC. Will this take place there next year? I think not, but think it may make a great location for the launch of the next iPhone.

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12 Surface Pro 4 Tips for New Owners

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12 Surface Pro 4 Tips for New Owners is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

Getting started with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 notebook-like tablet can be a bit confusing at first. Collectively, we’re all used to notebooks and tablets being two different devices, with their own features and own ways of doing things. Surface Pro 4 tips for new adopters can help with some of that confusion.

Surface Pro 4 Review (1)

Here’s some quick tips for new Surface Pro 4 owners. They’ll help you understand how Windows 10 makes moving from notebook to tablet modes easy. They’ll also help you decide which accessories and add-ons you should plan to purchase for your new Windows 2-in-1.

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Surface Pro 4 Tips For New Owners: Update Your Surface Pro 4 Immediately

windows update with surface pro 4 updates available

Gotta Be Mobile described the Surface Pro 4 as the best Windows 2-in-1 available last year. It is, but that’s only after you load it with software updates designed to fix bugs and introduce new features.

During the setup, be sure to provide your Surface Pro 4 with Wi-Fi so that it can download any of the immediate software updates that it needs. After the setup is done, go to the Settings app, Update & Security and manually check for more updates.

The Surface Pro 4 can and will download updates automatically, but it’s better to get them as soon as possible. Software and firmware updates fixed a ton of early issues, including display driver failure, lock-ups and problematic app upgrades.

Surface Pro 4 Tips For New Owners: Keep the Surface Pen On the Left & Get an Extra Battery

Surface Pro 4 Review (3)

Microsoft made some small mistakes with the Surface Pro 3, despite its status as beloved device. The company bet that users would want a detachable fabric loop to hold their included Surface Pen. There’s no telling how many people lost their Surface Pen by using these loops. Certainly, they weren’t a great idea.

The Surface Pro 4 leaves the loop behind for a magnetic strip that runs the length of the Surface Pro 4’s left edge. Some have said that this magnet isn’t good enough. They think the Surface Pen could fall off in a bag. A year of personal use have confirmed my theory that this worry isn’t based on reality. The only time that I’ve misplaced the Surface Pen is when I didn’t attach it to the device itself. Stick your Surface Pen to the Surface Pro 4. It’ll be fine.

Microsoft promises year-long battery life for the Surface Pen, but your results will vary. Keeping the pen clipped to your pants or a shirt seems to have a big impact on how long the AAAA battery lasts inside. If you’re heavily dependent on the Surface Pen for productivity — like you take notes with it in lectures and classes — be sure to have a spare battery in case yours dies at the worst time possible.

Surface Pro 4 Tips For New Owners: Make Your Surface Pro 4 A Great Desktop Too


Forget having three separate devices, the Surface Pro 4 could be your notebook, desktop and tablet. Switching between notebook and tablet is pretty easy, just remove the Type Cover. Getting a great desktop experience requires some extra work, I’d say.

If you’re into large displays and have one already, consider purchasing the Surface Dock. The dock allows you to connect a few USB devices, Ethernet and a display with just a single cable. It’s perfect for making your Surface Pro 4 into a desktop PC.

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If you’re comfortable with the Surface Pro 4’s built-in screen, definitely consider ordering a tablet stand to give you a little more flexibility at your desk. The Surface Dock is $199 from the Microsoft Store. Amazon has the dock for $124.99, and it stocks a ton of different tablet stands to let you get a better angle for your Surface. To be clear, the built-in kickstand is just fine, but height adjustments make a separate tablet stand at your desk necessary.

Surface Pro 4 Tips For New Owners: Setup Windows Hello for Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4 Review (4)

One of the big feature additions for the Surface Pro 4 is its built-in support for Windows Hello. It allows users to ditch their password for a passcode and facial recognition software. The passcode is in the rare case that Windows Hello fails to recognize you. Hit the power button and Windows Hello unlocks your device immediately — provided that it can see you. If it can’t, it’ll stay locked.

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Note that you’ll need to install the latest software and firmware updates for your Surface Pro 4 to get this feature running.

Surface Pro 4 Tips For New Owners: Upgrade Your Surface Type Cover

Upgrading to the Surface Pro 4 from the Surface Pro 3? The Surface Pro Type Cover that you already own will work fine. That being said, you should unload that old keyboard and upgrade to the latest Surface Pro Type Cover.

Surface Pro 4 Review (2)

The new Surface Pro Type Cover has island-style keys, with spaces between so that it’s easier to type. Each key is covered in a soft touch plastic that feels comfortable below your fingertips. What’s more, the cover’s trackpad is more glass than it is plastic. The trackpad is also bigger than the trackpad in the older Surface Pro Type Cover.

Definitely invest in the new Surface Type Cover if you have the money to spare. It’s better than the earlier versions. $129 isn’t a lot to spend for a significantly improved input experience. Microsoft also makes a $159.99 version of the Surface Type Cover made of a soft Alcantara material.

Surface Pro 4 Impressions (11)

Surface Pro 4 Tips For New Owners: Configure Tablet Mode Auto-Switching

how to read ebooks on windows 10 2

Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system, still has two very distinct user experiences. That much hasn’t changed. The difference between it and Windows 8 is in how it stitches these two experiences together. Windows 8.1 kept them mostly separate. Windows 10 binds them together.

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The Surface Pro 4 is one of the Windows 2-in-1s that can automatically switch in and out of Tablet Mode when a keyboard is attached. For the best experience, turn this automatic switching on in the Settings app under System. Look for the setting area labeled Tablet Mode.

Surface Pro 4 Tips For New Owners: Get a Surface Pro 4 Skin

toast surface pro 4

Admittedly, not a lot of people are big on cases. That makes sense, who really wants to ruin the device they’ve spent a lot of money on with a thick, unattractive shell. The Surface Pro 4 is durable, but it needs some kind of protection.

If you’re determined to not put your device in a case, consider a skin to cover the metal back and sides of the Surface Pro 4. Toast makes a great real-wood skin to protect from scratches and kicks.

Surface Pro 4 Tips For New Owners: Buy an Old Surface Pen On the Cheap


This is less a tip and more wise buying advice. In the event that you lose your Surface Pen, pick up an extra to keep around. It doesn’t matter whether you purchase the Surface Pen for $49.99 or the newer Surface Pen for $59.99, they’ll both work just fine. Note that you won’t get the 1024 different levels of sensitivity with the cheaper Surface Pen. Also, the older model doesn’t attach well to the Surface Pro 4.

Surface Pro 4 Tips For New Owners: Customize the Surface Pen

surface app

Once you’ve got everything running. Look for the Surface app in your list of installed apps. In that app you can adjust the Surface Pen’s sensitivity and decide what you’d like its button to do when you click on it. By default, it’s configured for OneNote, but you can add screenshots and reminders. It can also launch other Windows Store apps or programs.

Surface Pro 4 Tips For New Owners: Visit the App Store and Download Essentials Apps for Your Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4 Windows 10 Anniversary Update (3)

Download these essential apps to get you going.

Facebook Netflix Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Excel Tweet It Client Hangouts ReadIt Package Tracker

Note that versions of Microsoft OneNote and Drawboard PDF are available on your device already. Go to Microsoft’s Office website to start a month-long free trial of Microsoft Office 365. You’ll need a subscription to take advantage of the Office apps available in the Windows Store since the Surface Pro 4’s screen is bigger than 10.1-inches. Don’t forget to install the programs that you liked from your old device. Remember, the Surface Pro 4 can install apps from websites and from the Windows Store.

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Surface Pro 4 Tips For New Owners: Track Your Surface Pro 4

Once you’ve finished all of your updates, don’t forget to configure your Surface Pro 4’s device tracking. This option lets you track the device from Microsoft’s website in the event that’s it’s ever lost or stolen. To be clear, the Surface doesn’t have built-in GPS, but uses internet connections for tracking. This information is only available to you, Microsoft says.

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Surface Pro 4 Tips for New Owners: Ink WorkSpace

windows-10-features-5Created specifically with devices like the Surface Pro 4 in mind, Windows 10’s new Ink WorkSpace makes using digital pens on Windows more enjoyable. The new SketchPad app lets you draw anything you want, with digital rulers and guides to help you along the way. An updated Sticky Notes app lets you quickly save important information. The screenshot tool inside Ink WorkSpace lets you take notes on things you’re seeing already.

On your Surface Pro 4, Ink WorkSpace is accessible from the pen icon to the left of the clock in the Taskbar.

Good luck with your new Surface Pro 4.

12 Surface Pro 4 Tips for New Owners is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile.

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7 really last minute gifts for Apple users

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Christmas is a time for giving. Unfortunately it’s also time for crazed excursions into packed shopping malls at the same time as recovering from more parties than your system can comfortably handle. This is usually accompanied by a wave of unavoidable work deadlines. It’s a busy time of the year, so what can you do if you’ve failed to get all the gifts you need? Here are a few digital ideas:


You can gift selected music, movies, TV shows or books through Apple’s other services, which means you can solve your gift crisis by purchasing the incredible Westworld or one of this year’s biggest selling movies for someone this season. If books are more your thing, you could try gifting a copy of Becoming Steve Jobs, one of the better books about the Apple co-founder. (At your own risk you may want to check for discount iTunes voucher deals on eBay.)

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Apple working with Consumer Reports to understand MacBook Pro battery results and 1st ‘do not recommend’ rating

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Consumer Reports yesterday dropped a bombshell on Apple, making the new MacBook Pro the first MacBook ever to not receive the publication’s recommendation. As for its reasoning, Consumer Reports explained that the inconsistent, yet sometimes impressive, battery life was too big of an issue to overlook.

That’s what’s so ironic about this: Consumer Reports reported a three and a half hour test on the MacBook Pro, which if you’ve used one like me, know is completely possible with some serious CPU-intensive tasks, but then again tested in the 18-19+ hour range which is totally unbelievable, even if just the screen was on.

Now, Apple Marketing executive Phil Schiller says that the company is working with Consumer Reports to “understand” the tests.


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How to make ringtones for iPhone (any generation)

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No one likes to pay for ringtones -- or anything else for that matter. So keep your precious money and check out our comprehensive guide to creating free, custom ringtones on your PC or Mac using iTunes.

The post How to make ringtones for iPhone (any generation) appeared first on Digital Trends.

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